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• Your oil tank should be inspected frequently. Oil cannot be delivered if the tank isn't firmly supported and or if the tank is damaged in any way i.e. there should be no cracks in the tank. If there are cracks in your tank you should contact the manufacturer.

• Know your product. Domestic kerosene (kero) and marked gas oil (green/agricultural diesel) are used in heating systems and cookers. Most cookers and most modern heating systems use kerosene while older heating systems tend to run on marked gas oil. The two products can easily be distinguished with kerosene being red in colour while marked gas oil is green in colour. Vat on both these products is charged at 13.5%. SFGO is used in non-road vehicles most commonly amongst the agricultural community and by those involved in operating construction machinery.

• Get your boiler serviced regularly.

•Have an idea of how much oil you have in your tank. Most tanks have a capacity of approx. 1000-1300 litres, so you should be able to judge how much oil you require. If you're not sure of how much oil there is in your oil tank, have an oil monitoring system such as a watchman or use a broom handle/stick (which is clean) to dip your tank.

As part of their 60 years in business campaign Morris Oil are going the extra mile for the customers. They have launched their top tips to save your home heating costs and ensure you stay cosy this winter. Our friendly drivers regularly give our customers advice on ways to make their tank last longer. To thank our customers for their loyal support over the last 60 years and indeed to welcome the many new ones we have picked up along the way, our team of experts have compiled a simple list of home heating solutions that will help you and your bank balance stay warm this winter!


1.Barriers to heat

Ensure your radiators and heaters are free from obstructions. Removing furniture from in front of your radiators is vital to ensure maximum heat output and distribution.

2. Spare Room Saga

Only heat the rooms you are using, turn off radiators and close doors of any idle rooms. This is a more efficient approach to running your household and will stretch your tank.

3. Automatic-Timer

Programme your thermostat to turn on & off at desired time frames, tailor it to your day to day lifestyle. This will regulate the temperature of your home and in turn your use of home heating oil becomes more consistent. For maximum benefit, remember to check this regularly and amend according to weather conditions and your requirements.

4. Regulate your Temp

Turn the temperature down to a comfortable level. The recommended temperature for an average family home is 200just a couple of degrees will make all the difference and will help to keep seasonal illnesses at bay.

5. Boiler Basics

Ensure your boiler is performing at an optimum level, it is widely recommended that you have your boiler serviced every 12 months. The service will pay for itself when your boiler is working more efficiently for you.

 6.Draft Proofing

Badly fitted windows and doors can account for a significant level of heat loss, seal & weather strip your windows and doors to reduce this loss of heat. To check for drafts hold a match to the perimeter of your doors and windows and monitor flame activity created from same.

7. Insulate

Up to 20% of heat lost from a home is lost through the roof, insulating your attic is a great way to keep your heat indoors and your home heating oil requirement lower. Insulate your hot water tank with a lagging jacket. Your hot water tank will stay warmer for a longer period.

8. Grant Assistance

Look into grant assistance that is available for your home through the home improvements scheme, it might cost you a lot less than you think to insulate or change your doors and windows, this is well worth checking out.

9. Devil Drums

Don’t buy small drums of oil, you might find them convenient but they cost 20-25% more than our home heating oil. For example based on a requirement of two tanks per winter that’s a whole half a tank extra you’re paying for and not enjoying.

10. Spread the Cost with Morris Oil

Join our "Easy Pay Plan" and pay by small installments, turn off the pressure not the heat.